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This is a creative response to the current emergency.
In these uncertain times community is more important than ever, and as artists and creatives, our community usually depends on gatherings of people to thrive...a problem with everything going on.
However, we want to build a centre of creativity so we keep our community and connections going during the pandemic.

The Isolation Collective is a space to showcase work, share playlists and book recommendations... are you writing a script? Making puppets? Learning a new skill? Moved a show or classes online?

Tell us and we can help share your work, give us a shout and we can have a chat! 

We will be holding an offline exhibition/showcase from the artists featured on this page after the lockdown has ended.


The Team

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Katy Hoste (she/her), : 

I am a production and performance designer based in London, I graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a First in Design for the Stage.  I work in theatre,  on music festivals and with the circus.
I disappear from London for sections of the summer to work in fields painting and designing sets and stages for various festivals. (usually)

Ica Niemz (He/They), :

Dyslexic trans theatre designer with a good sense of hummus. I graduated with a First in Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University. Based in London but often found in Nottingham. I work with puppets, design for theatre, film, touring shows and young audiences. As well as facilitating puppetry and theatre workshops and most recently Ldn Dares Body Confidence LGBTQIA+ workshops.


Karis Crimson (She/her):

I'm a filmmaker, writer and mixed media artist, known by many as "The Brown Vampire" due to my love of gothic architecture and late-night exhibitions. 
When I'm not in my crypt, you'll find me studying the with Raindance Film School, making sound scapes, films and fanzines.

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Kitty ANND.jpg


Erika AND.jpg

Erika Xiang ~ Chief marketing officer

and international :

WeChat Subscription: 谙得廊 WeChat ID: and_international

AND International Ltd. is a private start-up arts and curatorial service company based in both London and Shanghai that operates both online and offline. We support contemporary artists worldwide, curate art exhibitions of different kinds, and organise innovative artistic events across the UK and China.

According to Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘It is by those two art sponsoring deities, Apollo and Dionysus, that we are made to recognise the tremendous split, as regards both origins and objectives, between the separate art realms of dream and intoxication.’

While Apollo is the god of rational order, Dionysus is the god of irrational chaos. The name ‘AND’ derives from the philosophical concept of Nietzsche, that art could only be understood when the two creative tendencies of Apollonian aNd Dionysian come together. Art is the sense of vividness in an Apollonian dream, art is also the taste of excitement in Dionysus’ wine.

We are AND International, representing a new era in the contemporary art world, since 2019.

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