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Not my monkeys podcast

Not My Monkeys is the new podcast exploring everyone and everything circus! Dissecting shows, discussing history and addressing the elephant in the room... Rosie and Ruby dreamed up Not My Monkeys when they were at the Edinburgh Fringe reviewing circus. They spent their nights chatting about shows and decided to turn it ingot a podcast! 
Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of circus there's something for everyone! You can ind them on Facebook, Instagram and Patreon @notmymonkeyspodcast

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 beatrice von millhouse

Or Williams/beatrice Von Millhouse is a multidisciplinary artist and performer using new media to criticise the notion of the perfection in relation to the female body. by manipulating and combining self-taken photographs and personal diary entries she created 'glitched' images that reflect the abnormalities of the body (and mind) that have been affected y events in her life.

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Tiz Creel

Play is a recurrent drive for my practice due to its amplification forms and applications. The playful spirit of my work is directly related to my background as a Mexican woman. My work is full of intersections between human dynamics, the invisible structures that surround our lives and fictional spaces.

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Reilly Branson is a Chicago - based illustrator who uses pen and ink to invent immaculate architecture and eerie, yet enchanting landscapes. Innfluenced by the German illustration style of "Wimmelbilder" (teeming image) Reilly embeds his own stories and experiences within these densely packed drawings.


Molly pickle

I'm an illustrator and printmaker focusing on the natural world. I predominantly use the traditional technique of pointillism sometimes combined with small amounts of watercolour. I also use silk screen printing for creating variations ofmy illustrations in various forms of print. 
During the isolation period I'll e creating a new piece of work everyday using the title of #inksolation

Molly Pickle.png


Joanna is a London based director, actor, circus performer and painter. She is the founder of The Feathers of Daedalus Circus and a free lance acrobat, aerialist and artist.

Joanna was a sports acrobatics gymnast competing nationally and internationally as a child before running away to the more creative less competitive world of circus. She trained at the National Centre for Circus Arts as a teenager performing flying-trapeze and acrobatics. Joanna then studied Art History at Cambridge University.

Alongside this she has continued to pursue her own circus training, has had exhibitions of paintings in Japan, India and Brazil, and has recently done costume design in Georgia USA for a 1980s recreations for a documentary with Radical Media. Joanna also completed her 200hr Yoga teacher training at Sampoorna in Goa, India and now teaches yoga whenever and wherever she can.


Cal Bryne

Cal Bryne is an artist and primary school teacher. Cal's ongoing work, Seven Thousand Faces (2017-2020) sees the artist begin a project to draw one face every day for 7000 days. Cal lives and works in Deptford


more artist bios coming soon ....

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